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“I am honored to nominate Steve Kohman for induction to the Pa. Disc Golf Hall of Fame. Steve mentored me during my early development as a competition disc golfer, encouraging me to sign up as a member of the PDGA, and making me (sometimes painfully) aware of competition rules. After playing more than 10,000 rounds on the Schenley Park Disc Golf Course that Steve designed 32 years ago, I am still enjoying and being challenged by the layout that was crucial to my foundation to win some major championships. Steve and I had a respectful rivalry at Schenley, and we pushed each other to become better competition golfers. The most important aspect of Steve's game was the way he conducted himself on and off the course; he exemplifies true sportsmanship, and I cannot remember ever seeing him lowering himself to losing his composure. To me this is what being a champion is all about! Hats off and a salute to a truly great one!” - Red Whittington, PDGA #1760 and 2013 member of PADGHOF.

Here is the story of Steve Kohman’s contributions to disc golf in Pennsylvania: Steve’s frisbee career began in the late 1970’s as a college student at University of South Florida where he was introduced to freestyle, ultimate and disc golf by Nick Hart, Mike Schweitzer and Brian Colleen. Steve’s first competitions were at ultimate tournaments in Gainesville, FL and Wham-O’s 1978 North American Series overall event, including disc golf, in Sarasota, FL. After graduating in 1981, Kohman returned home to Pittsburgh and took a leadership role with the fledgling Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society, staffing events like the Jr. Frisbee Contest and Hacky Sack and Frisbee Festival, and as a member of the Disc Activators freestyle team with Matt Wolff and John Gyness. Steve was the tournament director and winner of the first PDGA-sanctioned tournament in Pittsburgh, held in 1984 on a temporary course that he designed in Frick Park. Kohman also directed the second and third versions of what became known as the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open, including the first time the PFDO was held at the new course in Schenley Park (1988) and the first time the PFDO was part of the Canadian-American Disc Golf Series (1989). In 1986, Kohman proposed and designed the Schenley Park layout for what would be the first permanent pole hole course in Southwestern PA (installed 1988). The Schenley Park course has been the Pennsylvania course with the most UDisc-recorded rounds in 2018-19 and was the 13th most played course among the state leaders on UDisc in 2019. Schenley Park continues to be Pittsburgh Flying Disc’s most important course as its central location and classic layout has provided a disc golf entry point for recreational, college, and out-of-town visiting players for over 30 years. Steve was a founding member of Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society in March 1988 and served as PFDS Treasurer for more than 10 years, creating the foundation for the centralized financial management and structure that drives the organization today. Steve also directed two PA Flying Disc Championships (1989-90) held at Schenley Park, an event contesting multiple flying disc-iplines such as Distance, Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Self Caught Flight and Disc Golf. Kohman also ran a "Throw for Diabetes" disc golf tournament that raised over $1,000 in 1990. Perhaps most importantly, Steve Kohman was a top Open player on the PDGA Pro Tour from 1984-2003, playing in 119 events with 11 career wins and $14,045 in earnings. Steve was the PA State Disc Golf Champion in 1989, 1991, and 1992. He finished in the top 25 at PDGA Pro Worlds 7 times, and cashed in every tournament he played in 1993-94.

Submitted by Pittsburgh Flying Disc, December 31, 2019


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