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Keith "KB" Clark

PDGA #284

On behalf of PFDS we nominate Keith KB Clark #284 For the PA Disc Golf Hall of Fame

Born in Bowling Green Kentucky 1951 then skip to 1970 throwing disc with Dave Eyeler at the Student Center at Western Kentucky University

Send it registered for the PDGA 1977 spring break baby with older brother RB. To B Clark's may have been too much for Tom Monroe when we signed up. I got my permanent card as a 284 Randy got none. He contacted to complain hey Tom look at the Tournament results in your sailing South circular I was there, RB and KB ! whoops they fixed it he is number 955, could have been 285. Little brother all day and Greg Taylor went down in the fall 4 another couple three digit numbers

Correction RB Clark number 952 HB Clark the number 553 I think my friend Greg Taylor is 554

A few other tournaments in 1977 where are they where Tim colon April 23rd 1977 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa open frisbee tournament they had golf MTA distance freestyle I got enough points to get first place and beat Tom Monroe. Sunday May 15th the Tennessee State second annual Inn Centennial Park met some awesome friends there of a lifetime next weekend Saturday and Sunday May 21st 22nd in Tampa Florida South Eastern regionals for MTA accuracy Golf and freestyle I got the second place and accuracy and some also abs for an MTA a shot on this road trip with older brother RV next Saturday May May 28th we rolled into Mobile Pensacola Florida to play some frisbee golf soon as I ended up a tear there's a story for me and RB was delete off next weekend we went to Florence Alabama this was the second annual Southeastern frisbee tournament golfer got 300 power TRC 115ft distance 200 feet if you don't know you've got to run and catch you throw one handed like you do for him ta but distance and time. My next weekend was Saturday June 19th and 20th at the Perryville Kentucky frisbee at the state Battlefield Park. There golf accuracy distance MTA TRC guts ultimate and freestyle. as we sit waiting for the rain to subside I use my blue Jimmy on the head for a rain deflector and got my picture in the paper of the Louisville Courier-Journal front page below the fold. But that's alright the pope was on the top half. Pictures to follow film at eleven

Saturday June 25th took us to Russellville Kentucky for one of those events that ran accuracy TRC MTA distance I think The Clark Brothers went and took all the trophies home in a van, well maybe not all the trophies. Saturday July 9th was the Florence Alabama state tournament 1977

Saturday 26th went to the Alabama state tournament in Huntsville golf a shot of 64 + 62 - 126 accuracy 5 of 12 + 5 - 12 made 10 for 24 MTA only 6.3 distance 70 yards in semi finals men's open 9th Place overall brother Howard got first place in the MTA.

March 1988 -- Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society officially founded KB founding board member

April 1988 KB is the first TD for the first Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open at Schenley Park

October 1988 KB is the first TD for the Ironwood Open at Schenley Park

April 1990-92 -- PFDS sets up a temporary course at Hampton Community Park and hosts kick-off event of the Can-Am Series. Fields swell to 120 players. Keith Clark is tournament director.

March 1994 Helps contribute to design of Knob Hill Park

Rex Hay

PDGA #1946

Rex Hay

PDGA# 1946

5 South Ascot Court

Newtown, PA 18940


“Loves the sport of Disc Golf…Loves to see others find it”


Born February 1956

Served in the United States Navy (Submarine Service) IC2 (SS) 1974-1978

  • Graduated Interior Communications Electrician School 1974

  • Graduated Submarine School 1975

  • Qualified in Submarines 1975

  • National Defense Medal 1974

  • Good Conduct Medal 1978

  • Commendation for Superior Performance of Duty while serving aboard the USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 (Blue Crew) 1978

BS Northwestern University (Organizational Dynamics, Minor Business) 1987

MS University of Pennsylvania (Dynamics of Organization) 1993


Started playing Disc Golf in the US Navy 1974-1978.

Finished 3rd in the Distance Competition NC State Championships 1977

Finished 1st in the Disc Golf Competition SC State Championships 1977 (Was also TD for the State Championships)

Helped build original 18 holes at Tyler State Park Disc Golf…and continued to help build to present condition.

Bucks County Whitetails Disc Golf Club President for several years (3)

Key in bringing the Flying Squirrels Disc Golf Club and Bucks County Whitetails Disc Golf Club together to form Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance

Served as BCDGA President for several years (2)

Served as Mid Atlantic Disc Golf Club President for 2 years

Served as Tyler Disc Golf Course Pro for 2 years

Currently serving as Tyler Disc Golf Course Grounds Keeper and has always worked on the course more than he has played.

Most recently he finished 1st Pro Senior Grand Masters division at the 2016 Eric C. Yetter Champions Cup


Since Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course has come on line Rex has been continually picking up and emptying trash.

He has given instruction courses a local high schools, Inter-City camps at Tyler, and ran several Junior Jams.

Ran the Eric C. Yetter Disc Golf Tournament for many years.

Ran the Great Eastern Amateur Cup for several years.

Ran Moonlight Madness for several years.

Assists in running Winter League at Tyler Disc Golf Course every Winter.

Volunteer at almost every event run by the BCDGA at Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course


Rex participated as Co-Host in many Disc Golf Monthly Web shows.  He also made a live TV appearance (CW Philly) on “Talk Philly” (Weekdays at Noon) with Ukee Washington & Pat Ciarrocchi: Took Disc Golf Basket to Set and demonstrated the Sport of Disc Golf.


Currently working hard at helping get 36 Holes back on-line after Ash Tree removal devastated Tyler West Course.

Ed "Skeeter" Hoffman

   Ed “Skeeter” Hoffman is a discgolfer from Birdsboro Pa. He has been involved in discgolf and other disc sports since 1983. Skeeter has a passion for the sport that surpasses most players out there. 


   Skeeter was the key go-to guy for establishing the first 2 discgolf courses in Pennsylvania State Parks, which led the way for other state parks to be able to get discgolf courses approved. He negotiated with the state park reps and handled all the legal aspects pertaining to their approval. Once everything was  approved by the authorities, Skeeter was out there helping to design and build the courses. French Creek State Park has had 3 courses, all created with Skeeter’s help. Doggie Woods was built in 1985, Pleasure Mountain in 1989, and the present course in 2008. 


    Skeeter was one of the original Stonersville Dead Dogs, which installed and maintains the course at French Creek State Park. He was also directly involved with the layout and construction of the course at Long Trout Winery. 


   Skeeter joined the PDGA in 1987 as PDGA# 2733, and has been promoting the sport ever since. He did tour in the early days with other Dead Dogs. He won the first Amateur Championship held at Brandywine State Park in Delaware.  


    One of Skeeter’s passions is collecting discs, and if you are ever in the French Creek area, a side trip to his museum is a must see. Not only does he have many rarities on display, he can tell you the history and story behind each one. His other passion is the disc sport of Guts, and his collection of guts plates is one of the finest anywhere. 


    To  sum things up, Skeeters name may not be in the top of the tournament standings, but behind the scenes, he is the backbone of discgolf in Pennsylvania.

Bill Geibel

The Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports Club would like to nominate William Geibel for the Pa. DIsc Golf Hall of Fame.  Not only has Bill been involved in the sport since the late 1980s, he has been instrumental in the growth of the local Club (Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports, or LAFS), the growth and improvement of the area courses, and the growth of the sport on both the local and national levels.  He has participated in the creation of several of the area’s original courses, helped create and run the local leagues, and oversaw countless tournaments and fundraisers over the course of more than 25 years.  However, his most outstanding achievement, and the one for which he deserves the most recognition, is his selfless dedication to the maintenance of the local courses.  Many evenings will find Bill on a local course fairway, string trimmer in hand, cutting back the weeds from around the trees and teepads and baskets where the park mowers could not go; or wrestling a brush grinder through the rough to make errant shots easier to find; or crawling through the knee-deep mud on the bottom of a pond, retrieving discs that could be returned (often as the result of a call or a text from Bill).  Bill’s tireless devotion to the sport - often in ways that most players avoid - makes him a perfect candidate for induction into the Pa. Disc Golf Hall of Fame.



  • Involved in course design and implementation of DF Buchmiller Park DGC, Lancaster Pa.

  • Involved in course design/redesign and implementation of Roland Park DGC, Akron Pa.

  • 200+ hours per year in course maintenance at Roland Park DGC and Shiprock DGC.

  • 25+ years involvement in Lancaster County Disc Golf

  • 20+ years running Lancaster Disc Golf Club

  • Runs 50+ league events every year

  • Has run 55+ non-league tournaments, including both PDGA sanctioned and unsanctioned events.



Additional Achievements

  • Is a Super Class (“Lids”) enthusiast, attending 8 of the last 10 Sedgley Woods “Lids” tournaments.

  • Has played in every Ironman Tournament.

  • Rated as high as 961.

  • Has thrown a 1000+ rated round at Roland Park DGC in Akron, Pa.

Gary Sheaffer

PDGA #46373

Three things you could always count on with Gary – he would always be the first to help when needed, he wanted to improve things and he put more than 100 percent into whatever he did.

He was a gifted athlete whether it was high school baseball, wrestling, or football.  He enjoyed staying active and as his sons grew up, he stayed involved by being a little league baseball coach, a midget football coach, and attending every one of their high school sports practices and games.  When the boys were in little league, he started caring for the baseball fields which included mowing the grass and prepping the fields for games.  When the boys were in midget football, he transitioned to the midget football field groundskeeper and he studied how to stripe the field and create designs with the mower.  He was very proud of the improvements he made to the field.

Time passed and he started to do more for himself which included purchasing a motorcycle.  He made many trips and enjoyed riding it, but he had an accident about a mile from home one rainy evening.  He broke his right femur and his left shoulder; he was lucky he wasn’t killed.  He had a rod put in his femur to help it heal.  He struggled with his limitations, but that’s how he came to try disc golf.

It didn’t take long to realize he had a true passion for disc golf and for the other people he met at Pinchot and other courses. He decided he wanted to take it seriously and become a professional.  He studied videos, books, magazines and other players to learn the best techniques.  He bought all types of discs to see what he threw best. He also was determined to make the Pinchot course better and eventually to host a PDGA tournament there, so he spearheaded the creation of GPDG.  He worked on the Articles and the application to create a non-profit organization. He had a supportive group of disc golfers that worked every Sunday morning for years with him to improve and maintain the course.  They mowed grass, cut up downed trees and redid tees.  Gary made benches out of the trees that they cut up and placed them at various tees on the course.  He worked to get new baskets for the course and helped install them.

He was set to go to Worlds in 2015 when they were being held in our home state of Pennsylvania.  He was incredibly excited to go and compete as a professional.  But in June of that year it all changed.  He was diagnosed with Stage IV Esophageal Cancer very unexpectedly.  He wanted to attend Worlds, but he was just too weak from chemotherapy to travel.  He bounced back and was doing well that winter and into the spring.  He got a golf cart so he could still go the course and be with his disc golf family even though he wasn’t able to play. He continued to help organize the PDGA tournament held at Pinchot in the summer of 2016.  He truly loved the sport and his disc golf family.

Yes, three things you could always count on with Gary.  He demonstrated them every day.

  • Sanctioned events played 30.

  • Career wins 15.

  • Responsible for the redesign of the Quakers Challenge Disc Golf Course

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