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Each Pennsylvania Disc Golf Clubs with a formal structure and legal standing are asked to nominate a “Club Member” or a “Historically important” Disc Golfer who they believe deserves recognition in the Pennsylvania Disc Golf Hall of Fame.  Each nomination must be submitted with a biography including photos and/or videos.

The criteria for potential nominees are:

  1. Contribution to the sport

  2. Integrity

  3. Sportsmanship

  4. Skill - World Championships qualify for automatic induction

The process for induction:

  • Nominations and Bios due January, 1st 2020

  • Board/Committee review - January 1st - February 1st 2020

  • Voting – weighted - Club=1, HOF=2, Committee=3

  • Club ballots – Each club votes for three nominees (Clubs who may vote are those who have submitted a nominee)

  • HOF member ballots – Each current HOF member may vote for three nominees.

  • HOF Committee ballots – Each Committee member may vote for three nominees.

  • Induction ceremony (To be announced)

Our goal is to induct a minimum of two to a maximum of five players. Each “Standing club” shall offer a potential nominee. That nominee will remain on the ballot for five years or until they are inducted. If a clubs nominee is inducted, or has been on the ballot for five years without being inducted, then they are asked to submit a “New” nominee (Former non inducted nominees may be resubmitted).  


Chas Ford
PDGA #12850 Pennsylvania State Coordinator
Cell: 269.760.8487

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