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Ed "Skeeter" Hoffman PDGA #2733

   Ed “Skeeter” Hoffman is a discgolfer from Birdsboro Pa. He has been involved in discgolf and other disc sports since 1983. Skeeter has a passion for the sport that surpasses most players out there. 


   Skeeter was the key go-to guy for establishing the first 2 discgolf courses in Pennsylvania State Parks, which led the way for other state parks to be able to get discgolf courses approved. He negotiated with the state park reps and handled all the legal aspects pertaining to their approval. Once everything was  approved by the authorities, Skeeter was out there helping to design and build the courses. French Creek State Park has had 3 courses, all created with Skeeter’s help. Doggie Woods was built in 1985, Pleasure Mountain in 1989, and the present course in 2008. 


    Skeeter was one of the original Stonersville Dead Dogs, which installed and maintains the course at French Creek State Park. He was also directly involved with the layout and construction of the course at Long Trout Winery. 


   Skeeter joined the PDGA in 1987 as PDGA# 2733, and has been promoting the sport ever since. He did tour in the early days with other Dead Dogs. He won the first Amateur Championship held at Brandywine State Park in Delaware.  


    One of Skeeter’s passions is collecting discs, and if you are ever in the French Creek area, a side trip to his museum is a must see. Not only does he have many rarities on display, he can tell you the history and story behind each one. His other passion is the disc sport of Guts, and his collection of guts plates is one of the finest anywhere. 


    To  sum things up, Skeeters name may not be in the top of the tournament standings, but behind the scenes, he is the backbone of discgolf in Pennsylvania.

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