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On behalf of PFDS we nominate Keith KB Clark #284 For the PA Disc Golf Hall of Fame

Born in Bowling Green Kentucky 1951 then skip to 1970 throwing disc with Dave Eyeler at the Student Center at Western Kentucky University

Send it registered for the PDGA 1977 spring break baby with older brother RB. To B Clark's may have been too much for Tom Monroe when we signed up. I got my permanent card as a 284 Randy got none. He contacted to complain hey Tom look at the Tournament results in your sailing South circular I was there, RB and KB ! whoops they fixed it he is number 955, could have been 285. Little brother all day and Greg Taylor went down in the fall 4 another couple three digit numbers

Correction RB Clark number 952 HB Clark the number 553 I think my friend Greg Taylor is 554

A few other tournaments in 1977 where are they where Tim colon April 23rd 1977 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa open frisbee tournament they had golf MTA distance freestyle I got enough points to get first place and beat Tom Monroe. Sunday May 15th the Tennessee State second annual Inn Centennial Park met some awesome friends there of a lifetime next weekend Saturday and Sunday May 21st 22nd in Tampa Florida South Eastern regionals for MTA accuracy Golf and freestyle I got the second place and accuracy and some also abs for an MTA a shot on this road trip with older brother RV next Saturday May May 28th we rolled into Mobile Pensacola Florida to play some frisbee golf soon as I ended up a tear there's a story for me and RB was delete off next weekend we went to Florence Alabama this was the second annual Southeastern frisbee tournament golfer got 300 power TRC 115ft distance 200 feet if you don't know you've got to run and catch you throw one handed like you do for him ta but distance and time. My next weekend was Saturday June 19th and 20th at the Perryville Kentucky frisbee at the state Battlefield Park. There golf accuracy distance MTA TRC guts ultimate and freestyle. as we sit waiting for the rain to subside I use my blue Jimmy on the head for a rain deflector and got my picture in the paper of the Louisville Courier-Journal front page below the fold. But that's alright the pope was on the top half. Pictures to follow film at eleven

Saturday June 25th took us to Russellville Kentucky for one of those events that ran accuracy TRC MTA distance I think The Clark Brothers went and took all the trophies home in a van, well maybe not all the trophies. Saturday July 9th was the Florence Alabama state tournament 1977

Saturday 26th went to the Alabama state tournament in Huntsville golf a shot of 64 + 62 - 126 accuracy 5 of 12 + 5 - 12 made 10 for 24 MTA only 6.3 distance 70 yards in semi finals men's open 9th Place overall brother Howard got first place in the MTA.

March 1988 -- Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society officially founded KB founding board member

April 1988 KB is the first TD for the first Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open at Schenley Park

October 1988 KB is the first TD for the Ironwood Open at Schenley Park

April 1990-92 -- PFDS sets up a temporary course at Hampton Community Park and hosts kick-off event of the Can-Am Series. Fields swell to 120 players. Keith Clark is tournament director.

March 1994 Helps contribute to design of Knob Hill Park

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