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The Pennsylvania State Park Series


Event Name                                     Date              Location

1) Hoedown / Throwdown              3/21/2015     Moraine State Park

2) Spring Flush                                  5/9/2015       Tyler State Park

3) Pocono Open                                6/13/2015     Hickory Run State Park

4) Codorus Spring Open                  6/20/2015     Codorus State Park

5) Gifford Pinchot Classic                6/28/2015     Gifford Pinchot State Park

6) Pymatuning Open                        7/12/2015     Pymatuning State Park

7) Crowning The Prince                   7/18/2015     Prince Gallitzin State Park

8) Dogs of Summer                          8/15/2015     French Creek State Park

Finale - Nocki Hoodoo                     10/5/2015     Nockimixon State Park



*This is a point series with trophies awarded to the top finishers in each division.


*Player's must play three events plus the finale to qualify for trophies or prizes.


*The players top three events will be used if more than three events are played


*Points will be awarded on a percentage basis.

So as an example if there are 10 players in a division

1st - 100pts    6th - 50 pts

2nd - 90pts     7th - 40 pts

3rd - 80 pts     8th - 30pts

4th - 70pts      9th - 20 pts

5th - 60pts      10th -10 pts


*Players who play more than 3 events will receive 5 points for each additional event.


*The Finale will be worth double points.

Pros        Advanced

Int.        Rec.

Novice       Juniors

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